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Vidya Vardhaka Sangh's Pre Primary and Primary school Bijapur
(English Medium)

V.V.Sangh's school, name itself is enough to grab attention of everyone towards, what is famously and aptly known as "Temple of learning".
A school that has educated her students not only about the things in the book but for a strong character and successful life. A school that has a legacy of esteemed, committed and learned teaching faculty has been the priority of every individual, wishing and dreaming of quality and standard education. V.V.Sangh's English medium school established in 1975 with few teachers and students Now the total strength of the school is too.

Head Mistress

What makes our school special and reliable?

  • School's motto discipline first studies next.
  • Qualified, learned sourceful and devoted teaching staff.
  • Well equipped library with numerous books wisdom.
  • Smart class facility and advanced computer lab enabling education through modern era’s technology.
  • Vast play ground for every sport, spacious, well ventilated class rooms.
  • Special guidance to our students to set new heights of success in activities like quizzes’, seminars and exhibitions of sports science, arts and cultural events.

Proud achievements of our esteemed Institution.

We are proud to state that the students of this school are famous and celebrated names in the fields of medical, engineering, IAS, KAS, Navy and almost every arena of work present in the society.

Our sports achievements are up to the state level.

Backbone of our success

We are proud and blessed to have a managements, which is all encouraging supporting and guiding our schemes of success, and assistance.

We proudly wel - come you to be a part of this distinguished world of knowledge and wisdom and be assured of a successful future.